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Pemberton Township, located in Burlington County, is one of the most active areas for criminal activity in the county. Our office frequently receives calls from defendant’s or their family members due to a recent arrest, upcoming court date or pending investigation by the Pemberton Police Department or New Jersey State Police. Whether you are facing charges for Driving While Intoxicated or Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, it is usually in your best interest to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Often times, potential witnesses or exculpatory evidence can dissipate or get “lost” within the first 48 hours after the alleged offense. Having your lawyer send a preservation letter and demand for discovery can sometimes be the difference between a guilty plea and a dismissal of the charges. If you or a loved one need assistance with criminal charges in Pemberton, Evesham, Mt. Laurel, Mt. Holly, Willingboro, Moorestown, Florence, Bordentown, Burlington Township, Delran or Medford, then call 609-850-8284 for an immediate consultation with a Pemberton Criminal Lawyer.

What are the Penalties for Theft in Pemberton Township?

Theft is a broad term that can be used to describe multiple “types” of criminal theft under New Jersey law. An exhaustive list of “theft” offenses in New Jersey includes the following:

Each of these charges vary in severity and possible penalties. For instance, a Disorderly Persons Theft of Property charge carries up to six (6) months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Conversely, a First Degree Robbery charge carries up to twenty (20) years in a NJ State Prison, mandatory parole ineligibility and a $200,000 fine. For a better understanding of the break-down to theft charges and the corresponding penalties, you will need to review each specific statute. However, most charges are penalized in accordance with the “degree” of the offense and NJ’s degree of penalty are as follows:

First Degree Charge

Second Degree Charge

Third Degree Charge

Fourth Degree Charge

Disorderly Persons Offense

Petty Disorderly Persons Offense

What are the Penalties for Simple Assault in Pemberton, New Jersey?

Another common criminal charge that occurs in Pemberton Township is Simple Assault. Whether the charges stem from an act of Domestic Violence, resulted in a Temporary Restraining Order or was simply a mutual fight between two teenagers, the resulting penalties are serious. Generally, Simple Assault is a disorderly persons offense that carries penalties of six (6) months in jail, fines, probation, court costs and a criminal record. However, when police believe that there has been an act of domestic violence, you may be subject to a Temporary Restraining Order, pursuant to the Prevention Against Domestic Violence Act. These restraining orders will remove you from your shared domicile with the victim, require forfeiture any weapons you possess and a formal Restraining Order Hearing will be scheduled.

Drug Possession Lawyers in Pemberton NJ

In the past year alone, Pemberton Township Police have filed nearly 1,500 criminal complaints. That is an incredibly high number and is a significant increase from the prior year. This clearly illustrates that law enforcement, both state and local, are remaining incredibly vigilant in their investigation and pursuit of criminals. Proetta, Oliver & Fay is a criminal defense law firm with offices located in Evesham Township. Our firm has represented countless clients facing criminal charges throughout New Jersey. Whether you are dealing with a DWI in Pemberton or an allegation of Credit Card Fraud, our team of criminal defense attorneys are available to help. Firm Partner, William C. Fay, Esq., formerly with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, head our Criminal Practice group. Call 609-850-8284 today for an immediate and complimentary consultation with Mr. Fay regarding your pending criminal charges in Pemberton, NJ.

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