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A Guide to NJ Car Burglary Charges

May 31, 2024

Car burglaries are rising throughout the nation, including in New Jersey. Between 2 and 4 a.m., the most popular time for break-ins, people scour neighborhoods for cars parked along residential streets or in apartment complex parking lots for quick and easy removal of items from vehicles, like valuables inside the car or car parts, namely catalytic converters to sell.  Most people do not recognize stealing from cars as burglary. They think of house break-ins when they hear the term, ... Read More»

Top 6 Consequences of Insurance Fraud Convictions in New Jersey

March 3, 2024

In essence, insurance fraud is some form of lying to get insurance and insurance benefits. The ways someone can commit insurance fraud are as vast and varied as the possible penalties you can face if convicted in New Jersey. Here, we explore the many acts that constitute insurance fraud and the main categories of consequences that come with being convicted of insurance fraud charges. If you have been accused or charged with insurance fraud in Burlington County and nearby areas in Southern ... Read More»

Key Considerations for First-Time Offenders in New Jersey

February 18, 2024

So you were charged with your first offense and you're wondering how bad your situation is. The good news is, as a first-time offender in NJ, you may have more options than you realize. Although no one goes through life error-free, some mistakes have devastating consequences, whether by wrong choices, mistakes in judgment, or dire necessity. For a first-time offender, getting arrested, booked, and jailed can be traumatic. The fear of not knowing what will happen and the isolation ... Read More»

What are my Options if I’m Charged with Shoplifting in NJ?

November 19, 2023

Shoplifting is commonly thought of as petty theft by youths pushing boundaries or giving in to impulses to get a DVD or shirt they want. However, shoplifting adults steal for other reasons, some for psychological disorders, like kleptomania, and still others to make big money, like the leader of a shoplifting ring. For that reason, New Jersey punishes shoplifting according to the value of the stolen items. The punishment for shoplifting ranges from a disorderly persons offense with jail ... Read More»

Implications of Wire Fraud Charges in New Jersey

September 3, 2023

Most people are aware that scams are everywhere. You go to your email inbox and find offers, warnings, and pleas to get you to send personal information or money. Some look like legitimate ads or promotions from known reputable sources. The range of subject matter, from real estate, healthcare, consumables, and banking to investment and job opportunities, is vast. Wire fraud schemes are white collar crimes with severe penalties that typically form a cluster of federal and state ... Read More»

What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude in NJ?

June 24, 2023

Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Crimes of Moral Turpitude in Burlington County, New Jersey A crime of moral turpitude is challenging to define. Moral turpitude refers to conduct that is immoral, dishonest, or unjust. Thus, a crime of moral turpitude can range from one involving intentional and knowing harm to the degree of shocking the average person's conscience, to one that is considered immoral, base, evil, depraved, reckless, and vile, breaching the decency that each human ... Read More»

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