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Veterans Diversion Program in NJ

January 9, 2023

As a veteran, you gave to your country at the expense of your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Considering such a huge sacrifice, many states have rehabilitative programs for veterans and active service members who end up in the criminal justice system and New Jersey is no exception. The Veterans Diversion Program in Burlington County is the latest of several programs around the state that offer rehabilitative services in lieu of jail or prison to those who served or are serving ... Read More»

Suppression Motions in NJ Criminal and DWI Court Cases

January 8, 2023

Skilled Defense Attorneys Discuss Motions to Suppress Evidence Against Clients Charged with Criminal and DUI Offenses in Burlington County NJ When law enforcement exceeds its powers and violates an individual's constitutional rights, the law does not allow the state to benefit from their wrongful behavior. Thus, when the police interrogate a suspect in violation of their Miranda rights or seize a gun or drugs in a warrantless and baseless search, defendants have the right to bring a ... Read More»

What to Know if You Face a DUI at the Holidays in NJ

December 30, 2022

Holiday seasons are notorious for celebration and good cheer, though not for everyone. Some people will end up in the back of a police car or in jail for driving while under the influence (DWI). Those who drink and drive or drive after taking controlled dangerous substances have more to worry about this holiday since New Jersey police will be out in droves to pull over impaired drivers. The Attorney General’s office and the Division of Highway Traffic Safety expanded policing for a massive ... Read More»

New Jersey Warrant for Arrest: Meaning, Types, Reasons, & Implications

November 12, 2022

Either an arrest or bench warrant indicates the state is interested in prosecuting you for a crime or offense, or wants to hold you accountable for some violation of your obligations to the court in New Jersey. Regardless of the crime or infraction, an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Proetta, Oliver & Fay can help you assess the warrant and the charges you face, resolve the arrest or bench warrant as soon as possible while protecting you from damaging your case in the process. If ... Read More»

Top 9 Things You Need to Know if You Fail to Appear in Court in NJ

November 6, 2022

What is a failure to appear in New Jersey? If you do not show up for a court-ordered appearance, you have failed to appear, which has grave consequences. So, a person required to appear to pay or settle a traffic ticket or an accused summoned to court to answer for a crime at their arraignment may face a failure to appear complication to their legal case. Judges do not like when people waste the court's time. What is the effect of NJ Court Rule 7:8-9? New Jersey Court Rule 7:8-9 ... Read More»

What it Means to be Charged with a Cyber Crime in New Jersey

September 5, 2022

Mount Holly Computer Crime Defense Attorney Computer crime, also called cyber crime, involves committing various existing crimes like theft or child pornography trafficking, with computers. The primary aim of cybercrime is information about individuals and entities on the Internet or electronic devices. In New Jersey, it encompasses various types of theft, such as identity theft and credit card theft; several kinds of fraud like credit card fraud and bank fraud; threatening crimes ... Read More»

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