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Suppression Motions in NJ Criminal and DWI Court Cases

January 8, 2023

Skilled Defense Attorneys Discuss Motions to Suppress Evidence Against Clients Charged with Criminal and DUI Offenses in Burlington County NJ When law enforcement exceeds its powers and violates an individual's constitutional rights, the law does not allow the state to benefit from their wrongful behavior. Thus, when the police interrogate a suspect in violation of their Miranda rights or seize a gun or drugs in a warrantless and baseless search, defendants have the right to bring a ... Read More»

What to Know if You Face a DUI at the Holidays in NJ

December 30, 2022

Holiday seasons are notorious for celebration and good cheer, though not for everyone. Some people will end up in the back of a police car or in jail for driving while under the influence (DWI). Those who drink and drive or drive after taking controlled dangerous substances have more to worry about this holiday since New Jersey police will be out in droves to pull over impaired drivers. The Attorney General’s office and the Division of Highway Traffic Safety expanded policing for a massive ... Read More»

10-Year Step Down to Lower a DWI Sentence in New Jersey

June 12, 2022

Those who know the law in New Jersey understand that a DWI conviction results in a harsh sentence, even for first-time offenders. But if you have more than one DUI, the penalties increase significantly for each offense. And while New Jersey still punishes drunk driving severely, the 2008 law change to DWI sentencing gave some offenders a break. Before 2008, there was basically nothing a convicted driver could do to reduce their sentence. After 2008, New Jersey adopted the DWI ten-year ... Read More»

The NJ Intoxicated Driver Resource Center Explained

December 21, 2021

Unfortunately, most drivers do not know the full extent of what they could suffer after a DWI arrest and conviction in New Jersey, including mandatory time at an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center "IDRC." NJ Intoxicated Driver Resource Center "IDRC" for DWI/DUI New Jersey wants to make sure you regret driving after drinking at that party, in the local bar or restaurant, with your family during the holidays, or even just leaving the house to pick up your kids after having a few drinks. ... Read More»

New Jersey DWI Breath Testing Protocols & Defense

November 8, 2021

If you had to submit to a breath test in New Jersey, the police probably thought you were driving under the influence of alcohol. Perhaps they told you they saw you driving erratically or smelled alcohol on your breath when they stopped you for a broken taillight. After informing you that you failed a field sobriety test at or near your vehicle, the police probably arrested you and took you to the police station. At some point, you took the breathalyzer test, which registered your blood ... Read More»

What to Know about Field Sobriety Testing in New Jersey

October 11, 2021

One Saturday night, you accidentally swerve into the adjacent lane on the highway. Unfortunately, you did not see the police car trailing a car or two behind you until the lights flashing behind you. As you pull over, you feel your stomach sink. You have been stopped by the police before, but you are nervous, not knowing what to expect. Some of your friends have been drinking, and you had the least amount of alcohol of the group, so you become the designated driver. When the police appear ... Read More»

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