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How to Expunge a Juvenile Record

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Expunging your criminal or juvenile record can be an incredibly useful tool. An expungement is the removal and isolation of all records on file within any court, detention or correctional facility, law enforcement, criminal justice agency or juvenile justice agency concerning a person’s apprehension, arrest, detention, trial or disposition of an offense within the criminal or juvenile justice system. If you are concerned about how your child’s juvenile record may affect their college applications or employment opportunities, contact an expungement attorney to learn what can be done. Proetta, Oliver & Fay is a law firm that handles criminal law and expungement petitions. If you require the assistance of experienced juvenile defense counsel, contact our Burlington County office by calling 609-850-8284. The initial consultation is always provided free of charge.

Can I Get My Child’s Juvenile Record Removed in New Jersey?

Yes. Dependent on the underlying charges and adjudication of delinquency, you may petition the court for an expungement of your child’s record. The court requires that three years have passed since the the case was resolved. Consult with an attorney to learn what crimes can be expunged.

Is My Child’s NJ Juvenile Record Private?

Generally, the answer is yes. Under N.J.S.A. 2A:4A-60, only certain judicial, law enforcement and governmental agencies can access a juvenile’s records. The exception to this is when the juvenile has been adjudicated delinquent (i.e. found guilty) of an offense that, if committed by an adult, would constitute a crime of the first, second or third degree, or involved aggravated assault, destruction or damage to property in excess of $500.00. In those cases, the juvenile’s identity, type of offense, adjudication and disposition will be disclosed to the public.  Even if your child’s records are confidential, your child may still be asked to disclose their juvenile record should they apply for certain types of military, government or law enforcement services.

What types of Juvenile Offenses Can Be Expunged in NJ?

Commonly, juvenile expungements include the following:
            •   Disorderly Offenses
            •   Petty disorderly offenses
            •   Ordinance violations
            •   Offenses the constitute an indictable offense and are expungeable for adult

When Can I Expunge My Juvenile Record?

As mentioned above, a juvenile record may not be expunged unless three (3) years have passed since disposition of the matter. Additionally, there must not have been any other juvenile charges since then nor may there be any current charges or previous expungements. Even if the time requirements have been satisfied, your child may still be barred from an expungement if the underlying adjudication involved one of the following crimes:

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