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Have you been issued a traffic ticket for Speeding in New Jersey? If so, you can take comfort in knowing that you are just one of many motorists who are stop and charged with Speeding each and every day in New Jersey. Whether you are driving on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, US Route 206, or Route 70, the charges will carry the same penalties. Depending upon the how fast you were driving over the posted speed limit, you could be facing five (5) points on your Driver’s License and possible court imposed license suspension, pursuant to State v. Moran. If you or someone in your family were pulled over by state or local police, contact the Burlington County Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Proetta, Oliver & Fay. Our firm handles all types of traffic and criminal charges including, Reckless Driving, Driving While Intoxicated, Possession of Marijuana, CDS in a Motor Vehicle, and Drug Distribution. For an Immediate consultation with an attorney, call 609-850-8284. We can be reached 24/7 for you convenience.

How Many Points Will I Get on My License for a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

If you pay your ticket online, plead guilty or are found guilty at trial, then you will be assessed points on your driver’s license, in addition to any court fines. The number of points you will be assessed depends entirely how fast you were exceeding the speeding limit. Specifically, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will impose points as follows:

Miles Over the Speed Limit Points on Your License
1-14 2
15-29 4
30+ 5

Can the Court Suspend My License For Speeding?

In State v. Moran, the Court held that the statute authorizing imposition of license suspension for willful violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws, as construed, was not unconstitutionally vague or overbroad and did not improperly give unbridled discretion to sentencing judges. Further, the court stated that Municipal Court and Law Division judges are to consider the following factors in determining whether to impose a license suspension for willful violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws, and, if so, the length of the suspension:

  1. The nature and circumstances of the defendant’s conduct, including whether the conduct posed a high risk of danger to the public or caused physical harm or property damage;
  2. The defendant’s driving record, including the defendant’s age and length of time as a licensed driver, and the number, seriousness, and frequency of prior infractions;
  3. Whether the defendant was infraction-free for a substantial period before the most recent violation or whether the nature and extent of the defendant’s driving record indicates that there is a substantial risk that he or she will commit another violation;
  4. Whether the character and attitude of the defendant indicate that he or she is likely or unlikely to commit another violation;
  5. Whether the defendant’s conduct was the result of circumstances unlikely to recur;
  6. Whether a license suspension would cause excessive hardship to the defendant and/or dependents;
  7. The need for personal deterrence; and
  8. Any other relevant factor clearly identified by the court. N.J.S.A. 39:5–31.

Will My Insurance Increase for a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

Not all New Jersey Drivers are aware of the fact that traffic tickets can affect your automotive insurance. Specifically, under the concept known as “insurance eligibility points,” New Jersey Auto Insurance Companies will assess you points based on traffic tickets and these points will have a direct affect on your insurance premiums. Therefore, pleading guilty to certain speeding tickets can have larger repercussions then just points on your New Jersey Driver’s License. Instead, you could also be subject to insurance points and increases in your auto insurance payments.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Bordertown NJ

Speeding tickets can have quite a ripple-effect on New Jersey drivers. Depending on your rate of speed and the number of points currently on your Driver’s License, you could be facing 5 points on your license, a court-imposed license suspension, insurances payment increases and a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Suspension. For more information about your speeding traffic ticket, contact our Office at 609-850-8284. We serve clients throughout Burlington County, including Bordentown, Burlington Township, Cinnaminson, Evesham, Florence, Maple Shade, Medford, Moorestown, Mount Holly, Mount Laurel, Palmyra, Pemberton, Riverside Township, Southampton, Westampton Twp, Willingboro Twp, Delran and Bass River.

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