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Tailgating Ticket Attorney Burlington Township NJ

The flow of traffic constantly varies and can cause us to inch up on other motorists at a moment’s notice. If this happens and police are present, you may pulled pulled-over and issued a traffic ticket for tailgating. Whether intentional or not, police officers tend to assume the worst and leave the your persuasive arguments for the judge to decide. If you have been issued a traffic summons ticket in Bordentown, Burlington Township, Cinnaminson, Evesham, Florence, Mount Laurel or Bass River, contact the Burlington County Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Proetta, Oliver & Fay. Our Mount Laurel law firm handles cases involving Driving While Suspended, Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Without Insurance, Speeding, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving, Tailgating, Careless Driving, CDS in a Motor Vehicle and NJ Motor Vehicle License Suspension Hearings. For an immediate consultation with an attorney today, contact our office at (609) 850-8284.

Evesham NJ Tailgating Lawyers

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:4-89,

“The driver of a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard to the speed of the preceding vehicle and the traffic upon, and condition of, the highway. The driver of a motor truck when traveling upon a highway, outside of a business or residence district, shall not follow another motor truck within one hundred feet, but this shall not be construed to prevent one motor truck overtaking and passing another.”

This has been further detailed in the New Jersey case La Mandri v. Carr, where the court held that “tailgating” was not intended to apply indiscriminately to any case in which the front of one vehicle comes into contact with the rear of another. Instead, the State must be able to prove that the motorist failed to maintain a reasonably safe distance behind another vehicle in the same lane of traffic. For more information on how this may apply to your case, call (609) 850-8284.

What are the Penalties for Tailgating in NJ?

If you are convicted of tailgating, the court may issue you a fine up to $200 and impose a fifteen (15) day jail sentence. These are costly penalties, but the worst penalty may be the five driving points charged to your license.

How Many Points Will I Get for a Tailgating Ticket in NJ?

Even more concerning than court fines are the motor vehicle points that the Motor Vehicle Commission will assess to your license. Accumulation of points can result in insurance premium increases, DMV surcharges and possible administrative license suspensions. Most drivers are unaware of the fact that a tailgating ticket actually carries a five (5) point assessment on your New Jersey Driver’s License. This is significant because if you reach six points or more, you will be subject to an annual surcharge of $150 for three years and another $25 for each point over six. In the event that you accumulate twelve (12) points, you will also face a license suspension.

How Will a Tailgating Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Certain New Jersey traffic tickets will adversely affect your car insurance. Similar to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, automobile insurance companies track your driving record and apply a point system to determine your monthly premiums. Traffic violations like tailgating can result in significant points on your auto insurance record and an increase in payments.

Mount Laurel Tailgating Ticket Lawyers

If you or someone in your family have been issued a traffic ticket for tailgating, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident or reckless driving, call (609) 850-8284 today and speak with an attorney. Our firm handles matters throughout Burlington County and we will consult with you regarding your pending matter.

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